How poor was Fanfest

If i could i would ask for money back. Utter rubbish CCP. Hilmar asked for feedback:

  1. Small and dark waiting rooms gave nothing to allow for much chat among groups
  2. Main Keynote could have been done in an E-mail with little or No real new ‘wow’ content. Quote…come back next year for the big one…well no thanks.
  3. Less round tables and more meaningful presentations required.
  4. PvP Tournament was already closed off and pre-selected. This should have been open to the community.

The bottom line was no one even really cared to watch the new Caldari State video for the second time of playing. In fact most people started getting up and started walking out. Something i’ve never seen before.

Finally, feedback from others. Everyone i spoke to after the keynote felt the same - This was a poor show from CCP.

Do you agree?


Not sure, I wasn’t there. What I did see on vid though I was glad I didn’t travel for that. They had some cool slides, 3d stuff, hopes and promises. Let’s see where they go from there.
UI is ok. Hope it gets better.
Graphics are nice and closing the client helps.
That 3d bit with the docking ship looks cool but it’s only cosmetics.

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And it will be turned off by players like they turned off the CQ because it will take too long to load.


Will they at lest allow to turn it off?

It’s like that new Jita. They work on it for x years and it gets boring and ignored next week.

And ofc, you gotta stick with it.

And there’s that too.

Unless they really managed to improve the performance and utility of the animation to quickly undock again even though the animation is still running, it is pretty much mandatory for this feature to be toggleable.

Jita 4-4 is a really good example for that. My GFX card does not like the station interior at all. The same will happen for the new hangar thingy if they show all ships I have in a hangar.


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Remember the red dots… how long it took for that to be made toggleable? :thinking: :no_mouth:


Fanfest was for the rich, the poor stayed behind and posted “I’m unsubbing 100 majillion accounts” posts.

Is anybody keeping track and count of all the unsubbers rage posting to estimate the size so we can compare the online numbers?


I thought you were taking responsibility for recording, keeping track and evaluating that data and corresponding data sets.

I think I might go watch the new Caldari State video as I was preoccupied with the Twitch chat… uwu Aiko was communicating with me and it was such an honor and privilege that you sold me my very own highsec fireworks permit.

I’m in Canada so I didn’t see the in-person presentation. I liked watching what was streamed over YouTube though. Mike’s story about how the devs broke the jump gates while (if I remember correctly) trying to fix the station advertisements was funny.

How many different types of permits does SAFETY issue?

I’ve watched the stream for every fanfest since they started streaming them ( or when I started playing, not sure what was first).

This was the FIRST time I’ve finished a steam and not wished I was in Iceland to see it live.

Professionally I have always believed you shouldn’t have a conference if you don’t have anything to talk about. I don’t feel like they had anything to talk about.

I did enjoy some of the day 2 presentations, but that’s not enough to fly half way around the globe for.


Given what I’ve seen of Fanfest on stream/Twitch, I wouldn’t have driven across town to attend, much less fly. Fluff and empty hype about the future don’t really do it for me these days.

I suspect that players are getting tired of watching “lore” videos that bear no resemblance to actual gameplay. Lots of ground-based stuff, space combat that looks nothing like actual EVE combat, etc.

EVE videos have been pushing the “wow look how cool this is!” angles forever, and expecting players to ignore the complete disconnect between how the videos portray the game and how the game plays.

Perhaps if they were marketing their IP in a web-series, movie or TV show the videos would have more relevance. As it is they just make me wish CCP’s design and coding departments had half the talent of their graphics section.


All the right types, for the right amount of money… lol

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I feel bad for all those who paid and made the trip for ‘ideas’, ‘possibilities’ and ‘maybes’, that could have easily just been one of those emails that goes to a random 3 or 4 of your 12 alt accounts that get actively deleted instead of opened.


:joy: :joy: :clown_face: :clown_face:

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Although i never attended fan fest i know they used to put on some great shows where they talked about the future things they were never going to do or do half heartedly. There were also loads for the visitors to do, meet in groups talk to staff etc.

That was a long time ago though and now the original people who were enthused with the game and all the old original staff have more or less gone and the game has become nothing any more.

There is no excitement for the next big thing because there are no next big things, money wasted on new games with nothing to do with eve when it could have been put back into the game, buying companies so they could get the software for the captains quarters, spending millions on it then just deleting it.

Yes it has been a long time since i commented on the forums and yes i have been in and out of the game since 2004 and yes it is not like it used to be i know and no i am not a bitter vet who want’s change to my play stile. I want a fun game again because EVE has lost its shine.

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I agree.

I say these things because i care and want the game to go in the right direction. I even think CCP has good people working there, but this Fanfest they were way off the mark.

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Many types and I don’t know why I am always being picked on…/edit

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