Time to boo at Fanfest 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post, bad or good. This Doctor Who Event is another new low in a long line of lows delivered by CCP cash grab Korea coin. I’m astounded that with the CSM, player feedback - the direction of the game has gone so badly the last 5 years or so - clearly all of the player inputs and pragmatic feedback are ignored in favour of abysmal leadership and direction and these terrible, tacky events to sate the shameless Korean coin.

With fanfest back at Iceland this year - honestly, if the situation does not change between now and then, and the general consensus of the community is that player opinion means nothing against korean coin and the original values of eve online continue to be thrown out the window - then it is time to boo Hilmar or any dev who takes the stage at fanfest and tries to promote any new features.

Let’s be honest - nothing will reverse the mire and decline of the last 5 years. The reality is the devs are probably not to blame - just doing their jobs under bad leadership.

Since CCP don’t seem to listen to any feedback from the playerbase in rolling out awful new features, negating fixing things and changing things that didn’t need fixed and making them worse #ccpawful - embarrassing CCP by boo’ing at the next fanfest presentation is still probably futile in stopping this ■■■■ show sinking, but alas…

Genuinely embarrassed for CCP 2022.


LOL more embarrassing than you as a grown person making a thread like this? I don’t think so :smiley:

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