Should we "Wait for Fanfest"?


“wait for it…”

The pressure mounts.

Free popcorn :popcorn: at fanfest?

Fanfest isn’t on a Friday is it? :smirk:

Still enough time to ripen eggs and fruit for adventurous on-stage prime time action. You should definitely wait until these have the desired consistency and texture.


The megablog today kind of gives us a mini peak at what we can expect from the “biggest content announcement ever” at fanfest.

There’s a conspicuous lack of the usual roundtable discussions for things like nullsec, sov, industry, and wormholes.

There’s multiple overlapping topic roundtable discussions for different kinds of communities, events, longevity, new players, etc.

My take away is that the most obvious roundtable is the one for faction warfare that’s being held in a much bigger space than all the other roundtable discussions. It looks to be in a room about 3 or 4 times the size of all the other ones for scheduled discussions.

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Well, I’m not a financial expert or anything, but I do know this much -I don’t want P2W, P2E, or NFT’s in Eve, and I don’t want it to die. If that means paying a little more for a sub, then I’ll gladly pay it.

And, honestly, I don’t understand why people are so angry at the price. Like, if you compare the price to things like going out to eat, or going to the movies, Eve still offers an incredible value. I dunno, I guess the real issue is that a lot of people are unhappy with the state of game. And so asking unhappy players for more money, even if it is a reasonable amount, is like a slap in the face.


Yeah, I sure hope they can deliver at fanfest. Community morale isn’t exactly in a good place, and it’s definitely not a good sign when white knights are talking about switching games.

Unfortunately, they are in a real tough spot right now, and CCP is no stranger to missteps.

I mean, even if they manage to make some demographics happy, you know there will be other people that will be mad that their needs aren’t being tended to. Take the AT, for example. A lot of people were pissed at its suspension, and later happy to see its return. However, there was significantly more people that got really hyped up about the announcement, only to be severely disappointed when it turned out not to be any of the things they wanted. You know what I mean? CCP is in such a tough spot right now that they can do everything right and still fail, simply because they failed to make enough people happy.

yeah… I’m worried.

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Quasar and Eve Technology roundtable, I presume that includes third party developer talks? Will we be getting updates on the future of the external API there?

Will that be streamed or watchable live or later and presentations available for those not attending?


CCP’s bound to repeat at fanfest the same mistake of the AT.

They are asking people to shovel more money into the game, with a nebulous promise of ‘more’.
Unless what they’re going to show at fanfest is literally jaw-dropping, it’s going to be hard to justify the ‘hype’ they’re trying to build around fanfest announcements in response to the sub cost change.


Perhaps CCP could have Starbucks and avocado toast as a fanfest special meal?

Perhaps avocado starcakes as an in game collectors item?

What are you on about?

I mean what i said.

Remember the way CCP handled the ‘announcement’ of AT’s return? Awful lot of overhyping, with what ended up being little substance.

That they would then introduce the vaunted AT NFTs didn’t help optics on the case.

This time it’s following the same general track. With their price change dev blog, they specifically mention:

The new prices on Omega include all upcoming content releases for the game and have been structured to offer substantial savings when you purchase larger amounts of PLEX and Omega time.

(Emphasis added)

Considering that the last couple years has been constant roller coaster of balance changes, especially in the industry and economy of the sandbox, with exceptionally little in the way of content of significant substance, it is particularly meaningful that they would essentially communicate “We are going to do a nominally significant increase of our prices, BUT this will guarantee ‘more content’…”.

With fanfest coming soon, one would expect that ‘more content’ and ‘future releases’ would be presented, or at least teased/mentioned during fanfest. Right?
What if they don’t. What if the ‘more content’ they supposedly would present at fanfest is… relatively underwhelming? 20$/mo is a pretty steep price, and the 1 year+ sub options (the 12 month sub is the least impacted by the price change) demand some exceptionally long-term interest, which is hardly warranted right now.

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