Community Beat for 20 May

Welcome back, denizens of New Eden, to the Community Beat!

Fanfest may be over, but the universe is abuzz with a variety of community events and fun hijinks. Check out the Community Beat this week to learn more about the upcoming CSM elections, competitive EVE explosions, and maybe just maybe learn from the powers that be about what Bob has hiding out in wormhole space!

Let us know what you think, and what you’re hoping to learn more about! We’d love to hear it


So what events are there? I like to go to battle and redeem my glory!

Hi Swift.

I would like to learn more about why the GMs think three days is an acceptable time to make someone wait for a billing ticket on one of their accounts, especially when that person is actively paying you $40 a month for other accounts.

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I would like to learn more about stable wormholes the ones that link high sec to high sec.

They have hundreds of tickets coming in. They try to prioritize but its also usually FIFO in most cases.


Yes, Fanfest just ended and CCP folks are busy at everything they do.

Any idea on date for the events announced at the end. New Orleans, Vegas, and next years Fanfest.
No way I can do Vienna and then Vegas the following weekend.

Can not wait to go back to Iceland.

Sure thing!

EVE Vegas is scheduled for October 20th

For EVE NOLA, it’s actually just around the corner June 10th-12th. You can find more information and their awesome Discord server

After that, I believe, is Steel City EVE on July 23rd

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