Trade forum seems pretty dead, so reposting this here.

Looking to trade it for a fiend, moracha, adrestia

Mail sent.


got some good offers so far, looking for more diversity


Lots of time to go, still looking for offers :slight_smile:

I have 100m I’m willing to spend on it.

I’m sure you can pool that together with a few people, then you can all take turns :wink:

Few hundred people

(Alliance) Team effort!

If I had an alliance of people I would have more than 100m to spend on it.


Get your last bids in people… Will most likely be gone soon


Ever found that people accidentally started neuting your golem?

show me your AT ship collection <3

Closing soon unless a second offer doesn’t come through

Trade for a fiend?

I already have an offer (actually two) like that. Can you add anything to make it worthwhile? I can add isk if it’s something nice. Otherwise I’ll accept my existing offer this EU evening - he came first. You can send me a mail if you want.

Fiends worth more or less what the etana’s worth bro. No thanks