Fink Operations - Null Sec - Looking for pilots new and old!

Fink operations is looking for new members to join our ranks.

☜☆☞ Be part of The Goonswarm Federation
☜☆☞ Alliance fleets
☜☆☞ Coalition fleets
☜☆☞ Good enviroment to learn in

For those interested in making ISK, we have a plethora of facilities at our disposal to maximize our ISK generation!

Our core members can help you to find your niche in our world and help you to fatten your space wallet!

Currently we require a minimum of 5 million skill points for consideration, but each application is dealt with on a case by case basis.

Join -FINKO RECRUIT- for details or convo a recruiter.

All applications will have to submit to a full ESI check before approval.

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