Fink Operations (Null Sec) now recruiting new players and seasoned veterans!

Whether you’ve seen your fair share of war or you’re just getting your pilot’s license, we want you!

Fink Operations is currently looking for more players to join our ranks!

We are a part of The Goonswarm Federation, stationed deep in the heart of Null Sec.

What we can offer:

Experienced players looking to lend a hand to newer pilots

An environment structured for quick and easy learning

Coalition Fleets

Alliance Fleets

For those interested in making ISK, we have a plethora of facilities at our disposal to maximize your ISK generation!

Our core members can help you to find your niche in our world and help you to fatten your space wallet!

Currently we require a minimum of 5 million skill points for consideration, but each application is dealt with on a case by case basis.

Join -FINKO RECRUIT- for more details or speak to one of our recruiters directly in game today!

Recruitment Team:

Dominic Ronuken

Leo Katelo

Xbotslayer Fiddlechops

Skorpion Medion


(All applications will have to submit to ESI verification before being approved)

We have Nutri-Grain bars.

I approve of this product and or service.

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