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Hello! Thank you for considering Fink Operations as the corp for you! We welcome all players within an active community across all timezones.We are a Null based PvP oriented corp within a PvP Alliance inhabiting a rich Sov space.

We offer a multitude of activities based out of Null for all levels of pilots. You don’t have to be the best though. Just have the desire to get there. We’ll take newer pilots(6m sp requirement) and veterans. We aren’t the typical corporation. Each pilot brings their own style which we include into our corp.

Now you might be asking, what does the FINKO do? We do everything we can! We encourage all aspects of EVE to be explored and experienced; so we have pilots running everything from Incursions to Wormhole Exploration and PVP to Mining. We are incredibly social and enjoy doing group operations.

We are a very close knit group of people that do anything from building caps to making things go boom and we know how to have fun without getting too serious. So you can imagine all of the random activities available to you. As far as real life… everyone knows it comes first, especially for us. So, if you enjoy playing EVE and having some good company along for the ride, check us out on our public channel, “-FINKO RECRUIT-”.


  • 6m sp minimum
  • Full API key
  • Discord
  • Mumble
  • Willingness to PVP
  • Everyone is expected to help defend our home.

Some of the things we can offer you as a pilot:

  • Leadership that is active and actually listens to its members
  • Various Null Operations
  • Experienced FC’s
  • FC Training
  • PVP Fleets (Alliance wide to Small gang corp fleets)
  • Reactions/Invention/research Facilities
  • All Production Facilities including Capitals and Supers
  • PVP Training

We are also advocates for “Broadcast for Reps” so if you are looking for a group of people that won’t judge you, we might be the corp you’re looking for.

And now we’d like to leave you with a quote from one of our illustrious leaders….

“Have you ever had a danish guy tell you how retarded you are, scratch that have you ever had a danish guy yell at you how retarded you are ? Join us and get to experience it!” – Skorpion Medion

Still recruiting

Still recruiting

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