Finnish Legion is now recruiting all English speaking pilots for Caldari FW

We operate in Caldari FW lowsec, wormholespace and are recruiting all pilots despite their age, race, bank account balance, political or sexual orientation or religion. We are pvp corp and (in game) death discriminates no one. Wormhole ratting available for pvpers to fund their ships. We have also hisec pve corp for those members who are not willing to choose this path.

Finnish Legion | Corporation | zKillboard

We expect from you:

  • ability to speak English or Finnish and follow given instructions
  • discord and voicecomms needed in pvp
  • no any sp limit or omega requirement, new players welcome
  • readiness to train ship types that are requested

We offer for you:

  • all fleetcomms in English and EU timezone
  • possibility to farm Caldari FW LP and new dread BPs
  • co-operation with largest Finnish wh corp Avanto
  • occasional capital operations in nullsec
  • you have freedom to create havoc as you wish, but not always there is someone to guide you
  • good wormhome ratting enviroment in C4 with C3/C5 statistics

We encourage:

  • NPSI operations (for example Spectrefleet or Bombers Bar) to pad our kb :smiley:

If interested contact Redpainhawk or Jazzmyn
or join our discord Finnish Legion

Recruiter / Diplomat / Space Marshal → Redpainhawk Redpainhawk | Character | zKillboard

Jazzmyn | zKillboard Jazzmyn | Character | zKillboard

“Ladies and gentleman, war can begin”


looking for more finnish speaking members for upcoming faction war

Still looking for Finnish pilots to the upcoming faction warfare.

Now looking also English speaking pilots!

New Faction War has started and we are still looking for new international and english speaking pilots to join our ranks.

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