Finnish Legion rekrytoi suomalaisia pilotteja - Finnish legion recruiting finnish speaking pilots

We operate in hisec, lowsec, wormholespace and are recruiting all pilots despite their age, race, bank account balance, political or sexual orientation or religion. We are pvp corp and (in game) death discriminates no one. Wormhole ratting available for pvpers to fund their ships.

We expect from you:

  • ability to speak Finnish and follow given instructions
  • discord and voicecomms needed
  • previous EVE experience is advisable
  • no sp limit but readiness to train ship types that are requested

We offer for you:

  • cooperation with largest Finnish wh corp Avanto and JITA Holding alliance
  • good contacts and standings to other Finnish corps
  • occasional capital operations in lowsec / nullsec
  • occasional structure bashing operations and hisec wars
  • no holding hads, you have freedom to operate as you wish but not always there is someone to guide you
  • good wormhome ratting enviroment in C4 with C3/C5 statistics

We encourage:

  • NPSI operations (for example Spectrefleet or Bombers Bar) to pad our kb :smiley:

If interested contact Jazzmyn

Jazzmyn | zKillboard Jazzmyn | Character | zKillboard

Friendly corp with Avanto the biggest finnish player community.

“Ladies and gentleman, war can begin”


default language of the forums is English, unless there is a specified part of the forums for your language, which Finnish, does not have its own subforum.

Please stick to english when posting on the forums. Thank you.

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Can you then please explain why Romanians are allowed to post in their own language? I cant see romanian subforum either? Cant see any ISD comments in their post.

Albireo Solem - Romanian corporation - corporatie romaneasca - NULLSEC - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Or is it just headline that needs to be in English?

ISD… you are shooting something here …

and you OP, you don’t have to inform about your friends from Romania…

sometimes they get missed…

default language is english.

here is the proof that we can use any language, because it will be translated by anyone anyway…

If you see something, feel free to flag it. Also, only certain languages are supported for different languages subforums, such as french and russian.

recruitment still open, still searching for new finnish speaking pilots

Still a few spots left. :wink:

We are still recruiting new pilots.

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