Fitting: Insufficient power!


Sometimes when I fit my ship, I purposely fit modules that I want to take with me (for possible use on the way) even though it’s going to give me the ‘Information’ popup that I need to click away. I could place those in the cargo hold, but then I’d need to dock to refit when I do actually need it (but then Murphy’s law regularly acts up, so there isn’t always a station in the system :confused: ). So I just fit it, and when I need it, I take some other module(s) offline and put the one I need online.
EDIT: Hence I was thinking, would it be possible to skip the popup message when fitting modules by holding down Control (or Alt or Shift) as I drag to fit it ?
The more important checks, like whether you can fit the module at all on your ship, would still prevent you from fitting it ofcourse.
Also, there’s still the check when you undock, to see if you’r not overfitting your ship, in which case you can’t even undock. These checks will prevent any abuse of this feature ( I hope), so there wouldn’t be any problems I guess.


When ever you fit a module to a ship it will always online it if there is enough CPU/PG to do so, if not then it will remain offline (still fitted on the ship) until you free up enough so you may online it. If you want to swap fittings on the fly you could always bring a mobile depot with you.

Thanks for the quick response. I was just about to edit the post, because I misspoke.
I meant skip the popup message !

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