Fix supercarrier model sizes

Has anyone noticed that a super carrier is smaller in all races to their Fax counterparts? Yet the fax is clearly able to dock in fortizar and NPC stations… Increase supercapital model sizes to reflect the difference or decrease the size of Fax’s… Or even better… Let me dock in a damn fortizar!!


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Aeon & Apostle have basically the same longest dimension.
Consider that it may not be size that prevents them docking, but the inability to deal with ships of that particular class instead. Perhaps it’s a safety regulation due to the number of fighter wings on a super. Who knows.
In short, it’s a game balance restriction.

Larger supercap models would perhaps be nice but would bring their own issues related to bumping.

That’s just one ship that are closely the same size… And yet one can dock and the other cannot.

Bigger supers or smaller Fax’s… or damn it… let me dock.

I rest my case.

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How about ship mass?

A super has roughly 3-400k more in mass… still doesn’t account for size. That accounts for its extra armaments I would say. Size of ship mat bay etc…

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The point you’ve missed is ‘Game balance’.
Changing model size actually does impact several factors of the game. And the docking aspect is also part of game balance.

I’d be happy to see FAXes smaller. It’s not often you see them fit with smartbombs (or at least, reliant on them) so making them not the same size as a super wouldn’t be game-breaking.

Might help with bouncing too, which is plainly annoying.

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Yes but for consistency look at the damn ship structures…

Look at them in station… oh wait!! You can’t. However a super carrier can still be docked in an NPC in the event someone loses a citadel… and it looks perfectly fine. A fax on the other hand looks game breaking in a Npc station.

I’m getting at the practical side of things… it doesn’t fit properly and a super carrier actually does.

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