Fleet Formation Diagrams (MS Paint Edition)

As some of you may know, I sometimes make simple MS Paint diagrams to teach mechanics and tactics. With the recent addition of fleet formations I have more fodder for my educational ‘art’ skills.

Here’s a look at the ‘basic’ fleet formations and the utility they may offer.

Here’s an explanation of how the relative fleet warp mobility works.

And here’s a description of what I expect to see alliances set up in their systems soon for home defense fleets (can also be pretty easily created anywhere if you just have about 30 seconds of setup time).

It’s still early in the theorycrafting days for this so I fully expect to see clever and unexpected tactics emerge yet for me to make new ms paint drawings of.

All of my MS Paint images can be found here.


tyvm, that’s alot of thought put into immersing yourself into the gameplay aspect of CCP’s customer base.
hopefully it will help those without large player bases to springboard their toolkit into something useful.

still, i’m not convinced ‘tactics’ would be appropriate as a term for this mechanic as a whole, but that’s just me woolgathering

how is this two new skills not attached to anything and millions of SPs? I had that fleet block completely done and I don’t get grandfathered into this because it isn’t pre req’d to anything. This is stupid.

Are fleet formation warps limited to the FC only ? Or can they be used by wing and squad commanders too e.g., to make custom fleet formations consisting of some of the other shapes ?

Hi, I feel that in addition to the Fleet Formation there also should be pilot tactics, like break right/left, drop , climb, slide (turning on y axis while still moving on initial direction) and of cours chaffs and flairs. orbit is just not enough…

You’ll have to double click.

whoever warps and those under them.

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20 Million SPs in this fleet category and they don’t grandfather me into these skills only to log on and see a completed skill tree now has a hole in it. They make me put another 2 million and change in it for 2 more warp skills. Lame.

Why should they? These are completely new skills unrekated to any other skills and everyone who wants them has to train them.

Sure, I understand it can be annoying to be done with all the charisma attribute skills and then get two new charisma skills, but hey, change happens. And skill injectors and unallocated SP are perfect for this!

You know what your attitude of expecting new things to be thrown at you for free is?

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