Fluffy Snakes Recruiting


We are looking for pilots and/or corporations.
We are a small alliance mostly active in US timezones, based in high sec and wormhole space, and do mostly PVE and Industry.

What we can offer you:
New Player Friendly
Access to moon mining in high security space
Access to level 4 missions in high security space
Access to C5 wormhole
1 on 1 help with learning about the game and its mechanics
Max Orca boosts at our belts and level 4 mission fleets
Alliance Buyback of some of your unwanted items (Limited)
SRP (Depends on corp)

What we are looking for:

Our requirements from you (It’s not that much):
MUST be able to speak and understand English
Must be registered in our SeAT server
Being on comms at least to be able to hear what is going on (Teamspeak primary with Discord for information dissemination and pings)
Work with the group
At least semi-active (This means logging in a couple times a week even if its just for half an hour, we know you have a life.)

Join Fluffy Snakes Diplo for corporation recruitment
Join A41 Pub for character recruitment

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