FluxCore Industries (Mining|PvP|PvE)

FluxCore Industries is an operation designed by Keith Destifinty in the sense of having a system of mining and PVP that is linked together where the more is mined, the more the PVP members also earn.If this is enough for you to sign up, Please head over to FluxCore Recruiting If however you are more inclined on knowing how we run before rushing in, please read below on what we dabble in and how our finances work. FluxCore Industries is a Industrial based Company that Currently Consists of the Follow:

We Are Currently Aquiring these Current Roles:

  • Miners
  • PVP/PVE Players (Miner Defence)
  • Freighers

Financials: We currently Buyback at xx% (undecided) jita price for ore. we do this for multiple reasons.

  1. it allows us to pay our fellow Corporation members who spend their time defending us
  2. it pays for the Members who transport the Materials to jita
  3. Helps pay for the corporation’s bills

Our decorations are more then just a badge of honor. They show dedication to our Corporation and in turn for every tier of Each independent Decoration, you will receive a % increase on what you sell to the corporation. We believe if you show dedication to the growth of the corporation , we’ll show dedication to the growth of you!

Future plans:

  • Ship Insurance Policy
  • Free Starting Vessels for dedicated new members only.
  • TBD
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Bump! We already have had 3 new recruits so Come join us!

APPLICATIONS are still open!

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