FOB question

I noticed that after the last FOB in system is killed the npcs don’t immediately leave or despawn. How long does it take for them to despawn, or is there a specific trigger for them to despawn?

From personal experience, it’s 15 minutes after the last person who had aggression on them left system. You cant stay in system, you have to leave to cause the despawn.


Thanks for the answer I appreciate it!

I have another question related to FOBs. How long do they last, assuming no one comes to destroy them?

FOB keeps respawning in the same system after being destroyed. Now we have two… Is this a bug?

they just randomly spawn from what i can see, and sometimes spawn not long after a previous one has been killed.

From what I can see they last at least a week or two assuming no one blows it up, I haven’t actually been able to watch one from spawn to despawn.

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