Pirate FOB despawning?

I couldn’t find a satisfying answer yet, so i am opening this thread:
Do those Pirate FOBs disappear after some time, like Incursions? Or do they have to be killed to get rid of the diamond rats in a system?

They despawn after about a week or so I believe. I do know they despawn for sure. Fastest way is to kill the FOB yes.

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hehe. Anthony is misinterpreting player interaction with some hidden mechanic.

a pirate stronghold is going to stay around forever unless player action eliminates it.

every 12 hours the detection radius will increase by 1 jump, up to a max of 5.

if you’re close to a trading hub it shouldn’t be long until someone who specializes in this comes around to take care of it.

i’ve seen 4+ FOBs in systems. mostly those are high sec islands surrounded by low.

FOB in Erila for those who want one in low sec.

sotiyo, eh? too bad the damn thing needs like a tonne of dps to halt the repair process (like x10 that of a high sec one)

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