Focused ark pilot
Positive wallet
No kill rights
No jump clones
Located in hisec

Full High-grade Slave set

Starting bid 7b
Will sell when I am happy with price, reserve the right not to sell if I don’t reach an acceptable price.

7b bid.

8b bid

Bid retracted

8.5b isk ready

Bid noted.

9b isk ready


5 char

Noted, Tuesday downtime I am yours if no better offers.

@Floki_Roma sorry had some RL stuff hit me this week, do you still want character?

8b b/o ready


8.5bil offer only good for the next 12 hours.


Bids noted.

8.8b if still available

9 bil

9.2b Good for 24 hours of this post.

9.5b good for 24hours from posting

9.6 b