*** WTS 12msp Jump Freighter Ark pilot buyout ***

(Chief Jack Stone) #1


  • Full set of Nomad implants and hardwires
  • 2 remaps up
  • Pure JF pilot
  • JDC 5
  • Can also fly Orca, DSTs, easy train to RORQ

All CCP rules apply
pos wallet, no killrights, no crappy clones in null, in jita

Runtime: untill monday the 26th at 1800 eve time
Buyout: 15B
Min bid increments .5 Bil

Thank You

(Brock Khans) #2

6.5b offer

(ISD Sakimura) #3

Just a heads up that not all of the details required were disclosed, as per the Character Bazaar rules, all the following need to be listed:

1. Wallet balance.
You must disclose whether the character being sold has a negative balance in its wallet and the amount. As the ISK received for the character sale is transferred directly to the character for sale, that character gets in virtually all cases a positive ISK balance. It’s up to the seller to remove only so much ISK as that the character is still in the plus prior to transfer.

2. Kill rights
You must disclose if there are kill rights on the character for sale. Kill rights you possess on other characters are to be treated as assets and not included in the character listing.

3. Jump clones
The seller must disclose whether jump clones are located in 0.0, lowsec or highsec space and may for example not claim the character for sale character is able to fly ship X or Y when that is clearly not the case.

4. Character location.
The location of the character must be disclosed and whether it is in high security, low security, null sec or wormhole space. You must also state if the character is in space or in a station.

(Beekillrz) #4

7b offer

(Niska Talvanen) #5

7.5 bil

(Rekan Fizk) #6

8b offer

(Niska Talvanen) #7


(Rekan Fizk) #8


(Niska Talvanen) #9

9.5 Bil

(Very Bazaar Character) #10

10 bil

(Chief Jack Stone) #11

per isd,

wallet positive
no killrights
no crappy clones in null
in highsec /jita

(SuItan) #12


(Niska Talvanen) #13

10.75 bil

(Chief Jack Stone) #14

Run time and buyout added.

(Yuki Domari) #15

What’s his standing with Caldari?

(Chief Jack Stone) #16


(Neon Cowboy) #17

11b bid or buy

(Lokksmith) #18

13 bil

(Chief Jack Stone) #19

13b is high bid, if buyout is not met by tomorrow 1800 eve time, this char will sell.

(Chief Jack Stone) #20

4 hours left on sale