Focused PI & Skillfarm +5 implants 5.26m SP - 3.7b start 4.5b b/o

5,266,818 SP
+150,000 unallocated SP

0.0 sec status

No kill rights

No jump clones

located in Asezai I - Moon 1 - Genolution Biotech Production

positive wallet balance

There are 9 more like it if you’re interested. But I do not recommend running 9 PI/skillfarms at once.

Skill Point Farming:

comes equipped with 2 +5 implants, and 3 +4 implants, and has 1 yearly remap and 2 bonus remaps available. So if you remap to train different skills, the worst you’ll have out of the box is two +4’s.

Trains Trade skills the fastest right now, except the ones with flipped attributes. Look out for that.

Has Cybernetics to 5 for implants and Biology to 5 for training booster duration.

Keep in mind that you can activate skill extractors remotely, so they never even have to leave Jita.

It’s handy to park in a citadel with a clone bay, so you can swap out of you training clone without a timer when you want to go do PI.

Planetary Interaction:

(or Planetary Production, whatever)

Has Interplanetary Consolidation to 5 for max planets, and Command Center Upgrades to 5 for danker or longer cycles.

Has decent maneuvering skills, and can use an Improved Cloak, so it’s capable of being slippery. Know the MWD cloak trick.

Scanning skills are decent as well, in case you want to use it in a wormhole like i did.

Incidentally, it ends up with pretty good trade skills even after a full extraction, so it’s not bad for hauling your own products and loot out to a trade hub.

3.7b start 4.5b b/o

No in game messages please.

4.2 bil

I’m interested in the other toons you’ve mentioned, would you be able to contact me in game under the name Andreas Rova and give me details on the rest of the toons ?

4.5 bil

Bid withdrawn

Interested. any chance u can do 3.5 bil?

Buyout offer for 3.9 Billion

I would be interested. Looking for a PI/mining toon similar to this. 3.5b - 4.0b depending on skill load out.

I would be Interested in 4 of them if they are still for sale. Would offer up 4.1b each, Hit me up in game if your interested.

Hello. Going to buy one, can you PM me with available toons’ eveskillboard?

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