[Fondl] Happy Endings. [Good Sax] Opens Its Doors

About us:
We are a mature corp (around since 2003) and part of Good Sax Alliance Alliance KB The corp is built around loyalty, friendship and most importantly PvP.
Most of us in Happy have been playing since the beginning of eve and hence we offer experience and opportunities.

What we offer

» NPC Nullsec home in one of the best money making regions in EVE.
» Highly experienced pilots & FC’s.
» Access to all the pvp you could wish for (both small scale and blops/cap/super warfare)
» Corp carriers & dreadnaughts.
» A very well setup citadel network for all types of production and a Keepstar.
» 100% SRP for ship and capital losses on Corp level.
» Multiple options for money making including a alt corp in SOV space for those dank ticks, whatever rocks your boat when it comes to being self sufficient we got it.
» A relaxed environment/home for retired eve veterans.
» US TZ with some EU.

What we are looking for in you

» You must be active (killboard)
» Ability to fly a carrier
» Ability to fly a Apostle or Dread.
» Dedicated Supercarrier alt or willingness to get one.
» Sense of humour and over 18
» Self sufficient (we will help you along the way)
» Vocal and willing to use voice coms (TS3)

What we are NOT looking for

» Trial accounts

Please join our recruitment channel for an interview.

Recruitment channel: Massage Parlor

Or contact us via eve-mail to Poison Ivvy (CEO)

Bump. Come fly with us :slight_smile:

Maximum effort bump. What he said ^

Back up we go come get some shiny kills with us :slight_smile:

To the top :slight_smile:

Back up top still got space for cold dudes

Back up top doors open!

Come on in, sit down and start breaking doors down

Come and enjoy the retiree life!



Come join the fun!

Up we go still recruiting!

Easy living, content all around… Just bring your own beers.


Lots of Action right now! Come Join us!

Getting alot of our old guys back in the past few weeks! But we are always looking for more pilots.

More dudes more pew

What the guys above me said.

Up we go come join the madness :smile: