Font and its size

I have issue with font - I barely can read it.
I have 3840X2160 resolution on monitor. UI scale set to 125%.
I cant increase scale of UI to 150% because then windows will became simply too big and will be overlapping each other (actually I would like DEcrease UI scale to 100% so that all windows I want would normally fit in screen).
BUT with resolution 3840X2160 and UI scale set to 125% letter are simply too small and I barely can read them with one eye and completely unable read them with another eye.
And to be honest I find font in general bad looking and uncomfortable.
My eyes hurt and it is hard to play.
I looked over setting and found in General->Text filed named “Font size” but when I changed it from medium to large it had no effect.
Any advises how fix UI?

set UI scale to 150 and then resize the windows smaller…
Chat windows and overview settings have independent font size controls

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