Anyway to make text way bigger?

Is there anyway to make ui text and game icon text etc way bigger? It’s waaaaay too small even when in the ui settings it’s set for like mine is 175% and this other text setting is set for the biggest.

If you use the Photon UI settings, I had spotted a button for making the text bigger. I am not sure if it is much better than how you have it now, but it helped me. I’m getting older and suddenly the regular text I realized I can’t see it as well lately.


The default is waaaay too small. So I changed the setting for 175% which is the max on my new as of Sunday the Alienware x15 R1 1080p 360hz 15.6” screen one. i7 11800. 16gb ram. 3070 and 512gb.

That helped a tiny bit. Then I found another screen that has text setting for large, max type setting. I forget the screen. So I maxed it. It helped a tiny bit more.

I notice something for the ui text or icons. I forget if that was the large, larger type setting. But I maxed every text size related setting I could find. Didn’t help enough. I still have to put my face less then 7 inches or so from the screen.

If I changed the windows display setting to bigger font size etc it may help but probably screw up everything. Changing the % on the display would make things better but then I think it would mess with Eve so the screen doesn’t show much. It’s 200% in windows now I think.


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