For Sale: C5:C5 (Vanilla), Fit Fort/Astra/POS (Nags + Rollers also available)

I’m selling my C5 (vanilla), with a C5 static. I’m too busy in RL to krab, so making it available at Jita split.

I can sell any/all of the following. Whatever you don’t want, I’ll just evac from hole.

POS on all moons, so you get a combat alert if somebody kills one to anchor their own (know when an eviction might be attempted, or roaching setup is getting created). I can include the following, based on your budget (or evac if you prefer).

  • Large deathstar POS, Fully Fueled
  • Astra, fully fit/fighters/1 month fuel
  • Fortizar, fully fit/fighters/1 month fuel
  • 1x HAW fitted Nag (krab)
  • 2x Cap Gun Nag (krab)
  • Rolling Thanatos
  • Praxis defense fleet if you want them
  • Suitcase Freighter
  • Multiple rolling mega’s and rolling praxis

Message IntimidatorW in game if you are interested. Will use an OFOC Director as neutral third party escrow, for payment/transfer etc.

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