For sale

(Faejar) #1

ok I’m for sale honestly I’m a specialized miner that’s basically it. That’s not to say that I can’t be cross trained but I can already pilot any mining barge or exhumer and use the t2 lasers with crystals. well here is my eve board and if you interested put in a bit. understand I am not in a rush to sell this character seeing I hardly use it any way…

(Alocose) #2


(Faejar) #3

nice offer but I not rushing in to that choice for a bit. And besides who said this was a auction??

(Faejar) #6

ok still for sale

(Bill Fisher) #7

4 bill

(Faejar) #8


(Faejar) #9

still interested?

(Tian Amilupar) #10

Would offer those 4 bill

(Katy Holmes) #11

No Answer, Offer retracted

(Faejar) #12

sale canceled please delete thread

(system) #13

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