For those who accuse CCP of Making Eve Online 'Pay to Win'

Now that is a quality post

Well I don’t know about the real money trade for isk as I would never risk my accounts.

This is commonly known as a strawman argument, I don’t think anybody has said that experience is a winning factor when vastly outnumbered by a blob, unless of course experience leads to avoiding said blob in the first place.

1 on 1 experience is often a deciding factor in outcome, sometimes it’s a deciding factor even when outnumbered 2 or 3 to 1.

Blobs are a different kettle of fish altogether, as well you know.

As a 7 year old player with plenty combat experience and alpha status my experience means nothing if im facing a premium ship like the damavik.

Eve is pay to win, if you dont belive me revet to alpha undock and see for your self.

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You took one down yesterday, solo. Was it luck, or were you better than the other guy?

Eve is pay to win.

I disagree, although as a non PvP player I may well have a different viewpoint.

if you dont belive me revet to alpha undock and see for your self.

I am an alpha, I use my 10 years of experience to avoid PvP, not engage in it.

Different strokes for different folks.

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Yes i killed one.

I was in 1% structure, a noob shitfit damavik almost killed me. what saved me was geno implants wich allowed me to fit a neut wich alowed me to cycle my guns.

So it wasnt my experince that saved me it was 1 bil in implants that saved me.

If he had t2 eanm or t2 guns i would have died.

Since you are looking at my killboard check out my last comet loss. That was a fight of equally fitted comets, my enemy is younger and less experienced than me (i have killed him multiple times as omega) but because he is omega and i am not he does more damage, tracks better, tanks more, moves faster, has more cap…

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Except as a 7 year old player you, like all of us got those for free.

I got jack ■■■■ because i wasnt subed at that time

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EVE has lost half it’s active player base over the past 6 years. It has likely lost about 70% of it’s active playing-and-paying population. But yeah, you’re right, the fact that some people are still here and still paying means there is nothing wrong at all.

You and Hillmar would get along well together.

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No that would be you.

I dont work for CCP so Im not paid to care about their profits.

Are you?

What are you doing to keep numbers up?

Also, you still avoided the point and went for the ad hominen, so Ill make it clearer…

How is it rigged against new players if there are such things and always have been?

Sounds like it WAS experience that saved you.

Experience that allowed you to fit your ship properly.

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Yes you could say that my experince is the only reason for my success. I use my experience and the online tools to judge the inexperince and amount of skill points of my opponents because those are the only targets i can take in alpha state, i can not fight equals or anyone with a proper fit unless i know i have a hard counter. Since reverting to alpha my engagement profile has sunk so low i have to think twice before engaging a firetail in a daredevil

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EvE cant be pay to win for one reason:

Its less of a skill and more of an art form.
Its a very well appointed canvas to tell any story you like.

And while expensive art supplies make it easier for a skillfull artist to attain a particular style, they dont make him a better artist.

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Cool story bro but in reality your pod is 5% faster than my pod

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