ForceX Enterprises (FCXE) Is looking for new recruits

Thank you for showing interest in our corporation. We are currently looking to fill out our ranks with both new and veteran players. We are accommodating for new and old alike, we run nightly pve mission fleets, and other corp events. we may be a small corp but we are a tight knit bunch, looking to have a good time and of course make isk together. please do not hesitate to reach out to use we would love to chat. primary time zones are EST and Central time with current members but all are welcome.

Thanks and fly safe!

We are looking for new members skill level is not an issue.

We are always happy to chat with any interested in joining us or just learning what we are about. drop Me Bernard a line @ notenoughcat#5635 on discord. I can field your questions.


@notenoughcat#5635 is where I can be reached. We have a discord and are working on building into lots of mining, mission running and wormhole fun.


I’m interested!

I joined! Been here for a little bit, but these guys rock!

You can join in on the conversation at

Come say Hello! ForceX Discord

still looking for Indy guys. Discord

Looking for a great alliance??

The Trailer Park’s Finest & Worst

Currently Living in Cache

Alliance Ceo: Madwack Kring Recruiter/Diplo Contact

Now recruiting corps and players for nullsec life.

Diplo/Recruitment Channel: TPI.Diplo

You can also contact Widget#7077 on discord :smiley:

We have a great alliance! I generally don’t deal with the mass recruitment offers. (I saw that you copy pasted this on all recent forum posts)

We want a place that feels more tight knit than what that style of recruitment offers.

We are a relatively new alliance, most of the leadership has many years of experience. Sorry we couldn’t meet on better terms.


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