Forever Blue Horizons


I hope this message finds you well in the vast expanses of New Eden.

On behalf of the Forever Blue Horizons Alliance, I’d like to extend an invitation for your corporation to become a part of our community. Our aim is to ensure that every corporation under our banner feels like an integral part of the alliance. Here are a few reasons why we believe you’ll find a home with us:

  • True Communication: Unlike larger alliances where corporations often feel overlooked, our leadership ensures consistent communication with all member corporations. You are not just another entity on a list to us; you are part of our collective story.
  • Moon Assets & Program: We are proud owners of several moons and have established a structured moon program. This provides numerous opportunities for corporations like yours to benefit and grow.
  • No Renter Fees: We firmly believe in shared success. While we don’t have a renter system, we do have a reasonable tax system on ratting and moon mining. This ensures that our alliance’s growth and your corporation’s prosperity go hand in hand.
  • Serene Omist Location: Nestled in a quiet pocket of Omist, we offer a peaceful and strategic location that allows for various activities without the typical hassles of overcrowded systems.
  • Local Infrastructure: Our space is equipped with state-of-the-art refining, reprocessing, and manufacturing facilities to ensure you have everything you need to succeed in your endeavors.
  • Friendly Relations: Our diplomatic efforts have resulted in strong, friendly relations with other alliances in the area. This not only offers additional security but also presents avenues for collaboration and mutual growth.

If what you’ve read aligns with your corporation’s vision for the future, we would love to discuss this opportunity further. Join us on our Discord server and let’s embark on a journey of growth and camaraderie together.

aarongryphon or creocore in Discord.
Crecore Kahmez, Cyntrl Mileghere, or Ryo Shazuki in-game

We eagerly await your response and hope to see you among the stars, under the banner of the Forever Blue Horizons. We accept both individual players and corporations.

Fly safe!

Warm Regards,

EXO of Forever Blue Horizons

Our doors are still open for corps and players. A life of nullsec awaits!

Open to corps and players of all types, Industry, PVP, PVE. Also accepting hybrid corps who wish to combine highsec and nullsec operations.

No forced PAPs or fleet activity requirements.

Contact us for details.

Still open to corps and players.

Corporations and players welcome, come join us on the frontier!

Still recruiting.

Contact Crecore Kahmez , Cyntrl Mileghere , or Ryo Shazuki for more information.

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