Forgotten Godz - Small Gang PVP, Legacy Coalition - We are the Reapers

Forgotten Godz is a corp born in a cycle of life and death, the pattern repeating itself countless times. Each time we would rise, evolve, advance, and at the apex of our glory, be extinguished. We have trancended to become eternal, we do not live or die, we simply are. Each member is sovreign, independant and free of weakness. We impose order on the chaos of New Eden, we are the Vanguards of destruction. Our numbers will crowd out the stars.

We are a corp whose main focus is PVP. We live in Immensea 0.0 with Warped Intentions. We are a small group that focus on quality over quantity. We aim to provide members everything they need to succeed.

If you would like more info please stop by our pub chat or mail one of our recruiters.

In-Game Chat: Valhalla Lounge
Primary Recruiter: @Official_Diplomat
Secondary Recruiter: @Petormin_Dinrama

We are the Reapers

Looking for Bomber and Blops Pilots specifically to form new corp bomber wing, come talk to me in game in the Valhalla Lounge

Recruitment bump for the week, Still Looking for pilots interested in a nul sec home, come rat/mine/plex your iskies in between shootin hostile things from the sky.

→Mining and industry pilots WANTED! for corp expansion - come visit me in game or on discord (new link in original post)

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