[SOV NULL + PVP] Forgotten Godz (Straight Jacket Bears)

Forgotten Godz is a corp that is dedicated to building a community to empower players to do what they want. We are fully committed to life first. We do not impose any activity requirements or demand anything of our members. This is a game, you should play it not work it.

We currently live in Null Sec with a closed off pocket close to a variety of regions good for PVP. We aim to build a PVP community, but understand that all walks of life are required for a healthy functioning corp. As such miners/ratters/explorers and all others are welcome, as long as you are an active member of the community.

In-Game Channel: Valhalla Lounge

Corp/Alliance Services;
*Coalition Mumble
*Alliance TS3
*Alliance Discord (FLEET PINGS!)

*Corp SRP (select Doctrine’s)
*and much more!

Jump into Valhalla Lounge chat in-game to learn more. Chat soon!
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Recruitment Still Open. Looking for more pilots wanting to join in Small-Gang PVP

Bumpy’s Bar n Grill…

Recruitment open. Sov PVP happening more and more plus Small-Gang Roams every other day, FC’d by this guy
Fly with us today!

Still Looking for new Pilots, Alpha’s are also welcome!! If you like to pvp in cheap t1 ships for cheap fun lols come talk with me in-game. PM or join Valhalla lounge chat channel. Daily Corp and alliance fleets.

Forgot to bump… so here is a bump…

All pilot welcome, even alpha’s!! if you want to learn PvP and want to make some isk at the same time come chat today!

New Members added. Keep em coming!

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