Formula to calc cost to make one unit of a thing

(KenFlorian) #1

Here is my formulate to calculate the cost to make one unit of a thing. Have I got it correct?
If not, where is it incorrect?

Input Material Quantity *
BPC Material Efficiency *
Purchase Price of Input Material *
Facility Efficiency Multiplier
) +
Manufacturing Job Cost

Manufacturing Job Cost = Estimated Item Value * System Manufacturing Cost Index * Facility Tax * Number of Runs

The Estimated Item Value is given by CCP and the exact formula is unpublished to help prevent manipulation.

(Steve Ronuken) #2

for the manufacturing cost estimated item value is used for each input material, at ME 0.

For materials, you run it through the calculation, then ceil the quantity. (you may wish to round to 2 decimal places first, to get rid of floating point errors) With a minimum of 1 per run.

(guigui lechat) #3

first you need to get your quantity mult. It is
qtty_mult = 1×(100-bp ME)/100×(100-structure bonus)/100×(100-rig bonus)/100
bonus for citadel is 1% now and rig is 2.4×2.1% = 5.04% so best we can do is 0.9×0.99×0.9496 = 0.8461 so an effective 15.4% me

Then for each material you compute job_qtty

  • if it needs 1 you use nb_run
  • else your qtty is ceil(qtty_bp * qtty_mult * nb_run)

The first part is important because every element that is needed in quantity of ONE can’t be reduced. even if you had a bpc of T2 ship/module with 10 runs and 10% efficiency, you will still need 10 elements of T1 version.
you make scalar prod of your required items by their costs(with formula up to you) and you get the item cost.

Then to the tax part.
job_tax = output_value * (system index) +(100-structure_isk_bonus)/100* (1+corp_tax/100) * output_nb
with output_tax being given by ccp.

for the cost of items : I use two formula, so I make two formula of production cost and for the product.

  • I already have the items and I want to increase my value . so I compare the output price to the input price. both of which typically can be sold to a buyback program which pays me 95% of the Jita BO . so in that case the input used BO *0.9 and so does the output.
  • I don’t have the items and I need to produce it for me. Then I use a freight service to get the items from Jita, so the item price is jita so ×1.03 (for a reward 3% collateral) +item_volume × volumetric price. I also use the same value for the item I need, to compare local production to jita import.
  • finally I want to sell localy. for this the production gives me a min, max interval : local sell must be > buyback cost of product and > buyback cost of required items. It also needs to be less than freighter import of said item. Also if import cost of product is < import cost of input it’s better to directly import the item and not craft it. then I check ingame if average price is above the min, if yes I check how many times it is above max by a (max-min) step.

(Hanken Tsutola) #4

hey there i have same problem how do i get the correct forumla for php?

i always calculate with 10 runs

Lets say i have a Raven and want to produce it in an Ecomplex (ME-RIG T1,TE-Rig T1)

Lets say i want ito calculate it only for Tritanium ;

my Basevalue for Trit is = 10608667
normaly from fuzz website i should receive reduced quant = 9263275.85
job quanitity 92632759

i am at 80.8 Mil so and should have 92.6 at least


adjusted_mat_amount = max(BPRUNS, Round(($basevalue*(1-(10/100))0.90.99*0.9496)*BPRUNS));

somebody can post correct formula for me for an Engineering Complex (T1 rigged) + ME10 BPO

(Steve Ronuken) #5

looks like you’ve got an extra 0.9 in there.

Also that T1 rig modifier is wrong (assuming Highsec). A T1 rig reduces by 2% in highsec.

so base * 0.9 * 0.99 * 0.98

That’s base * ME multiplier * EC multiplier * rig multipler.

(Hanken Tsutola) #6

still even that brings me to 83.4 and not to 92.6Mil Tritanium so there must be another error in the formula

Reg Hanken

(Steve Ronuken) #7

really? I just did it with a calculator, and it came out to 9263275.85

10608667 * 0.9 * 0.99 * 0.98

(Hanken Tsutola) #8

Yep works thx

My formula with the 1 - 10/100 was wrong :smile: