Fortizar ME8 TE12 BPO for sale

Was on Publics for 60 days at a higher price of 77.5b

Have now taken off contracts to run copies while sale is pending.

Will accept 75b - This is only 5b above NPC price and check the cost and time to get it up to ME8 TE12 - I hope you will agree 75b is a good price for this researched print.

Will keep it listed on here until it sells - I don’t check forums all that often so if you want to buy best thing is to eve mail me.

No offers on the 75b as its already a good price.
Will be sold by private contract for Isk only - No swaps or trade windows will be entertained.
Im in no rush as the BPO makes a solid profit each and every month.

Needs a new home - Over 1.5b a month passive income just from copying

selling structure BPOs above NPC price lol

Its ME8 TE12 researched you complete noob…

Go play WOW - Its more your calibre.


still for sale - eve mail in game

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still for sale

still for sale