WTS - Fortizar BPO - ME8 / TE12 - *SOLD*

(Hitachi Advent) #1

Selling a Fortizar BPO researched to ME8 TE12. SOLD

(Hitachi Advent) #2

BUMP, price is down to 68 billion ISK, hit me up if you are interested! Lower than NPC market price! :smile:

(Hitachi Advent) #3

New day, new bump now with bold formatting!

(Hitachi Advent) #4

Post-weekend bump! This is a solid investment if you enjoy large-scale warfare. You KNOW CCP is going to change how these things are taken down and more will always be needed!

Feel like making an offer? Send me an in-game message or reply here!

(Hitachi Advent) #5

Yet another BUMP! Still available for sale, still looking as sexy as ever!

(Hitachi Advent) #6

New day, new bump for a fantastic Fortizar BPO.

(Hitachi Advent) #7

New week, new BUMP!

(Hitachi Advent) #8

Mid-week bump! Haven’t you ever wanted to own a Fortizar BPO, especially one that is ready for market today? If you’re interested let me know and we can discuss it!

(Hitachi Advent) #9

A new bump for a new wonderful week! Contact me if you have any interest!

(Hitachi Advent) #10

Been a few weeks, still selling this wonderful BPO!

(Hitachi Advent) #11

Forums say it has been over 1 day, so I am pinging again. Happy weekend!

(Hitachi Advent) #12

A BUMP, still looking to sell this fine piece of property!

(Hitachi Advent) #13

New, lower price, and a bump!

(Hitachi Advent) #14

Weekend is here and it’s like 90 degrees out, so bump! Still looking for a buyer!

(Hitachi Advent) #15

Dropping the price to 64 billion ISK. Looking for one interested buyer, this BPO makes 5-6 copies per month that sell for about 200 million ISK! Passive income, free research and you’re saving billions over the NPC market price!

(Hitachi Advent) #16

Dropping price to 62 billion ISK, it must go! Contact me if you are interested in an ME8/TE12 Fortizar BPO! All the research AND you save 8 billion ISK on the sale!

(Hitachi Advent) #17

Post-Vegas BUMP for an awesome BPO!

(Hitachi Advent) #18

Still bumping!

(Hitachi Advent) #19

Bumping this for a new, brighter day! Buy a Fortizar BPO today!

(Hitachi Advent) #20

Another new day, another new bump!