WTS - Fortizar BPO - ME8 / TE12 - *SOLD*

Selling a Fortizar BPO researched to ME8 TE12. SOLD

BUMP, price is down to 68 billion ISK, hit me up if you are interested! Lower than NPC market price! :smile:

New day, new bump now with bold formatting!

Post-weekend bump! This is a solid investment if you enjoy large-scale warfare. You KNOW CCP is going to change how these things are taken down and more will always be needed!

Feel like making an offer? Send me an in-game message or reply here!

Yet another BUMP! Still available for sale, still looking as sexy as ever!

New day, new bump for a fantastic Fortizar BPO.

New week, new BUMP!

Mid-week bump! Haven’t you ever wanted to own a Fortizar BPO, especially one that is ready for market today? If you’re interested let me know and we can discuss it!

A new bump for a new wonderful week! Contact me if you have any interest!

Been a few weeks, still selling this wonderful BPO!

Forums say it has been over 1 day, so I am pinging again. Happy weekend!

A BUMP, still looking to sell this fine piece of property!

New, lower price, and a bump!

Weekend is here and it’s like 90 degrees out, so bump! Still looking for a buyer!

Dropping the price to 64 billion ISK. Looking for one interested buyer, this BPO makes 5-6 copies per month that sell for about 200 million ISK! Passive income, free research and you’re saving billions over the NPC market price!

Dropping price to 62 billion ISK, it must go! Contact me if you are interested in an ME8/TE12 Fortizar BPO! All the research AND you save 8 billion ISK on the sale!

Post-Vegas BUMP for an awesome BPO!

Still bumping!

Bumping this for a new, brighter day! Buy a Fortizar BPO today!

Another new day, another new bump!