[SOLD] Athanor BPO ME 6% TE 10%

I have an Athanor BPO researched to ME 6% and TE 10%

I would like to sell it at 4 billion ISK, OBO. That is 1.5 B under NPC price of 5.5 billion.

If you would like to make an offer or have any questions, feel free to post below or contact me in-game.

To the top.

Merry Christmas EVE everyone.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas

Still looking for a forever home for these BPOs

To the top!

Happy New Year’s EVE everyone!

Back to work on another bump

Stupid SQL queries. They should know I wanted a space between the column name and type definition.

Okay. Price reduced. Increased ME research level.

Anyone need a Senior Software Engineer?

Scratch that. Apparently I am way over qualified for SSE jobs.

Yay for working at 1 company for a decade! … :expressionless:

I achieved Emoji. Yay! :laughing:

Woohoo! Finally confirmed that bug I have been chasing for a week! Ball’s in your court CCP!

Damnit. Well, just because I can’t produce the bug twice doesn’t mean it is non-existent! Also, I can’t extract that skill now :frowning:

The BPO now has 6% ME research. Same price. Same place. Same contractor.

Just a little advice. Check contracts. You might see Athanor BPOs starting at price 2.35b

Yep, with no research done on them. So, while they are cheaper, you have to spend quite a bit of time and infrastructure to get this research level.

Good grief is it cold this morning.

Still looking for a forever home for this BPO.

Client approved price reduction. Looking to sell so you can get into the high-sec and/or WH moon mining market. Message me here or in-game to setup a contract.