[WTS] Helios BPO ME10 PE20

As per title i have a Helios BPO ME10 PE20 for sale in high sec


Open to serious offers!

125 bil to start you off

up we go…

130 bid

How’s the profit on that BPO ?

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This sounds intresting!
Let’s see what happens till Sunday but i guess i sell it for that price.

Keep em coming!

T2 hulls are mostly T2 components slammed together on a T1 hull with Morphite duct taping the whole affair. That being said a ravworks check for my own coditions revealed a 21% margin if you react/construct every component yourself. You could drastically increase this when you happen to be somebody who sits on all types of R4-R64 moon goo. Keep BPO in HS like the Perimeter Sotiyos, move components based on the conditions you have. It will take you a long time to make the money back so for that sake the T2 Hull BPOs aren’t really worth it.

Everything said above is correct with the possible exception of the last part. The value of T2 BPOs doesn’t decrease (unless game dies) so you’re essentially investing in cheaper production and can recoup your investment in the BPO by selling it. Assuming you didn’t over pay. Tying up that amount of isk on a narrow investment does beg the question of if it’s worth it or not. Debatable. Free bump. :smiley:


What should we invest our isk in so it earns semi-passive income as a collector’s item?

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Last bump. Tomorrow this print sells at 19:00 EVE-time

Highest bidder @ 160b - The Cost

170 billion

yay i won

Congrats. Contract is up

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paid thanks

Faction Forts would be good because they only increase in value. T2 BPOs with naturally high margins in production, which you can extend the same way like I descriped for the Helios BPO are at least better in “making their money back”. I honestly don’t know about the AT Ships and Skins since they are just beyond me. Since you trade a lot with assets like this I’d say you should just cellar some faction forts. As an example: When I started to grind for some collectors stuff with my meager two char setup and no time due to rl I wanted a Prometheus Fortizar which was 35b at that time. It has no open sale orders rn (afaik) with a buy offer at 48b. T2 BPOs for ammunition can be very nice (One day I’ll complete my set :D)