Forum bugs 2020/09/01-02

I thought it was just me, but @DeMichael_Crimson and @Foggy_Bernstein have also commented on this today so…

@CCP_Aurora It would seem the forums are going a little bonkers, between weird badge resets for the Welcome and Nice Reply badges, and slow-mode popups that are nonsensical (including post withdrawal actions giving the ‘too many, please wait’ message while still completing the action, and the same behavior with the ‘like’ button).

ISD dorrim, said some buttons got pushed, or likely the hamster didn’t get fed and its screwing up some stuff.

1st the in game chat, now the forums! We trolls get what we deserve.

I got a notification for my 1st post! :joy:

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accidentally “liked” something and it said i had a few likes left for the day… wtf

Yeah, its been a fun day!

Yeah. Handing a child the keys to the car never works out well.

But I just got my welcome badge. So there’s that.

You can see this post here for more info: Please Wait 9 Hours to Give More Likes

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