Forum Training bot made me realize something

While doing the training with discobot i realized it did not recognize “o7” as an emoji. Looking up in the emoji list i realized also that there isnt any “o7, o/, \o/” or any other popluar expresions made into emojis. It would be nice to have them as emojis (although to some emojis are cancer).

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Funny, I honestly dont think there is an emoji for o7 on any forum.

maybe 007 on James Bond forums ?

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SHouldnt we feel discriminated by this? I mean, GRIO (Global Recognition and Implementation Office) never recognized signifigance of a game community like EVE Online.


:raising_hand_man: is close to \o

:ok_man: is close to \o/

I don’t see anything close to o7. Thought for sure there would be a salute emoji available.

Gotta say I’m surprised they have this one enabled: :fu:

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