General feedback; 1 each possible bug, UI request, grievous oversight

(Yourmoney Mywallet) #1

Hi All,

generally like the new forums. Takes some getting used to and some people may not dig it but over time I’m pretty sure noone will miss the old forums. I remember when the in-game font was changed, oh boy the tears! And now…

Anyway, just did the discobot thing and noticed a couple of things:

1.) Search function: When prompted I copy-pasted the required term into the search window which returned zero results; had to manually type capybara (or whatever it was) into the search window. Copy-paste should work here imo.

2.) Pls for all that is holy make it so usernames can be displayed below character portraits. Ideally along with corp/alliance info. Most ideally make it optional.

3.) OK seriously? No pirate emoji? :rage: I did find the skull-and-crossbones but come on!

Either way good work!

Edit: one more UI thing - I really like the mouse-over preview. We should have this here, too imo.

(CCP Avalon) #2
  1. Definitely something to look into
  2. See my reply here for corp/alliance info
  3. We’re not done with emojis, more can be added :stableparrot:

For mouse-over preview, we’ll have to look into if that’s possible, but as of yet no guarantees we’ll go down that path with these forums. :slight_smile: