First Player post!

(Steve Ronuken) #1

Wheee! :smiley:


(CCP Falcon) #2

I’d might have know it’d be you, Ronuken.


(CCP Logibro) #3

I’m pretty sure we have rules against using CSM knowledge to gain advantages.

I’m onto you Fuzzysteve :spy:

(Nathon Eijkov) #4

How does linking work?

(CCP Falcon) #5

Like that, but don’t post crap :smiley:

(CCP Falcon) #6

Also, first reply to a player on our forums.

Eat it, Steve :stuck_out_tongue:

(CCP Darwin) #7

I can already see this is going to be awesome. :wink:

(ISD Rontea) #8

Blessed by Machariel-chan

(Steve Ronuken) #9

First reply to a dev by a player!

(Raphendyr Nardieu) #10

Amazing. We have the most important part of the forums here: :parrotcop:

(Catherine Solenne) #11

…Parrots have their own section?

This is going to be good.

(CCP Falcon) #12

If you can think of more emojis or features you’d like to see added, feel free to create a thread with suggestions in this section of the forums :slight_smile:

(ISD Rontea) #13

Where is The Like and Get Likes Thread?

(CCP Falcon) #14

Well, we do have an out of pod experience section, just saying…

(Sylvia Kildare) #15

You know how it works. It works like this!

(Nathon Eijkov) #16

True internet spaceship-loving nerds should recognise the dQw4w9…

(Travonus Trapoll) #17

Make EVE ships as emojis! even faces of CCP :stuck_out_tongue: haha