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= Bug’s galore =



Total posts created (while I’m writing this) is at -3
I know that I am quite the lurker but this is getting ridiculous :thinking:

One of the emoticon categories is nearly invisible.

Will update this post as I find more stuff

Edit: Iframes are kinda blocked but shouldnt show up at all I guess

This only works when there is no </iframe> tag or a somewhat valid web adress inbetween the tags or something … behaves strange


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@CCP_Habakuk @CCP_Falcon @CCP_Logibro

not sure if the nametags i added after the fact to the top post were enough to notify you guys so I’ll do it in a seperate post

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It was.

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Cant seem to make it auto play :sadparrot:

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@discobot thank you

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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hehe free likes :smiley:

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@system Thank you

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