CCP/CSM Emoji/Icon requests


Can we have these two added please? Seems entirely appropriate as well as amusing at times :slight_smile:


:psycsm: / : psyccp:


(Althalus Stenory) #2

we need all tweetfleet slack emojis !

(CCP Logibro) #3

Paging @CCP_Avalon…


:popcorn: :slight_smile:

(ISD Stall) #5

Avalon was very helpful the otherday. He gave me the :facepalm: emoji so I could respond to your post about AJAX :smiley:


:facepalm: might need some variations like :facedesk: and :facewall: :stuck_out_tongue:

(ISD Stall) #7

You have no idea :stuck_out_tongue:


I have an amazing capacity for imagination, especially after spending way too much time on & off in Iceland, by all means spill it :stuck_out_tongue:

(STwise GGWP) #9

cool emojji👽

(Althalus Stenory) #10

:trap: :’(
:thinking_face: like slack (this one is ugly :stuck_out_tongue: )

(CCP Avalon) #11

Taken care of :psyccp:

(CCP Falcon) #12

:psyccp: :ccpguard: :ccpfalcon: :psyccp:

(Nana Skalski) #13

What happed to emoji fonts used here? Its different now than it used to be. I think the previous was looking nicer and I started to get used to it.

(Sarmatiko) #14

Those two are pretty popular on some EVE forums.