CCP, introduce emojis to EVE chat 🙏

Why? Because now its expressionless, emotionless. Its bad for communication.

If its true and friendship is the best ship, at least give emoji for that friendship.


GO away with this cancer.


The current generation is eventually going to forget how to spell, read, or write. You’re almost there already…


Please stop with this juvenoia.

Special Snowflake content is not welcome.


Please stop it with this idiophilia.

“That video is unavailable”

May I suggest you use a youtube unblock addon for your browser? Or is there none available for your emoji browser? Aww, too bad.

I think you should be less mean to everyone and take a chill pill.


Then stop suggesting things that make EVE even more cancer than it already is. Have you been in a chat with CFC or TEST at all, or Jita or Amarr? Their sperging is already atrocious beyond believe with the existing ASCII and plain text. Those people don’t need more empowerment.

Furthermore, the addon advice was genuine. I have no issues watching this video on YT.


Oh lord no.

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How is emoji cancer? Its just a pictogram.

And cancer is just cell replication, right?

If one cares to do so, written words are quite effective at communicating a wide range of nuance. Bizarre mini-pictures? Not so much. They tend to obfuscate as much as anything else in my experience.


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I dont see the obfuscation, I see pictograms that mean things and ideas. You dont have to write essays how you feel, you just post: :roll_eyes: if anyone writes that emojis are cancer.

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Can anyone translate this extra-terrestrial language if it is one?

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Considering how the Chinese language, one of the oldest and still widely used, is based on symbols, might one as well see the emergence of emojis in our culture as a natural and evolutionary step of our language converging towards symbols. Just a thought.

Anyhow, seeing the “cancer” we already have to face in local chat at times, can a few emojis not be of any harm. Imagine how o/ or o7 or gf could automatically get translated into a little image. Doesn’t seem so bad to me.

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Come on guys, we all know the only reason the OP wants emojis added to chat is so that they can spam eggplants everywhere.


what a Brave New World we live in.

The dude with the monocle was being searched by the female detective.

The female detective called upon her friend the mage, after it was discovered that the dude with the monocle was actually a super-villain.

The super-villain, upon being discovered, summoned his army of multi-chromatic parrots to silence the detective and her mage friend.

That is, of course, the end of the story because in Eve, bad guys tend to win because good is dumb.