This will not end well

(CCP Falcon) #1

Testing new emojis…

:psyccp: :ccpguard: :ccpguard: :psyccp: :ccpfalcon: :ccpfalcon: :psyccp:

(Dinsdale Pirannha) #2

Why? Why on earth would you even allow such crap into discussions like emoji’s, in any form?

(Bvlgari Tarkov) #3

Agreed. It “dumbs down” one’s ability to express themselves using words which, ironically, is what people ought to be doing on a forum.

(Erika Mizune) #4

Best emojis ever!
:ccpguard: :ccpfalcon: :kissing_heart:

(Rain6637) #5

what the :psyccp: is this

I swear to :ccpguard:

stop :ccpfalcon: around

(CCP Falcon) #6

Why do you hate fun, Dinsdale? :cry:

(Xuixien) #7


(Dinsdale Pirannha) #8

Why do you hate intelligent discourse, using I don’t know, words?

(CCP Falcon) #9

I love intelligent discourse, I just think there’s room to have a little fun when people see fit.

Building a community is about getting across serious information sure - I agree 100% on that.

It’s also about building rapport between players, and between players and staff here at CCP, which means letting your hair down a little at times and having some fun.


(Lasairiona Raske) #10

Why was emojis made plural with an apostrophe?!?!? :smiling_imp:

(Nicola Arman) #11


(Ivory Harcourt) #12

meh, too harsh.

(skull minion) #13


(Wanda Fayne) #14


(Rain6637) #15

(Ralph King-Griffin) #16

Dinsdale’s Back!

OK, new forum was a good idea, all reservations gone.

OK on topic, how in the name of bleeden jeasus isn’t this a thing yet.

Edit: god damn it I made myself sad.

(Aedaxus) #17

Did you ever read the old forums where we only had words to express ourselves?

(Ralph King-Griffin) #18

And violence, words and violence.

(FearlessLittleToaster) #19

Question: based on your hair style, what does it do when you let it down?

(SurrenderMonkey) #20

Probably because written language lacks the capability to describe your posts with the brevity and accuracy of a :poop: emoji.