yea this post is in no way legal. @ISD_Sakimura

you’d have to post with each individual character that they are for sale, along with their respective eveskillboards, plus all the other information needed from the rules.

⭐ WTS 5M SP starter/farm characters (Current Stock: 64) you can set your thread up like this guy did and then have them confirm they are for sale when a deal is arranged as he has been doing it for a while.

winston is correct though you need the info and skillboards.

Please abide by the CB rules or I will lock this thread!

Thank you.

I want to buy 8 of them that have intel/Memo mapping, at 3.5 bil each, not interested in the ones that have Cyno 5. In order to go ahead with this you will need to log all 8 of them here and confirm each individually as being for sale, as well as provide a for each separete an so that we will have proof of the SP level, skills, security ETC. The sooner you provide that the sooner I can go ahead and send the emails and the isk on each of them individually.

As OP has not responded to my request or the request of Amarrescu, I’ll be closing this as it does not follow the rules of Character Bazaar