Foundation – New Quadrant starts soon!

I’m impressed with the look of Jita 4-4.

Foundation will also bring updates to the Pochven region of Triglavian Collective-controlled space starting with improving the accessibility

Of all the things that need to change in pochven this isn’t one of them.

The more accessible Pochven becomes;

  1. The more the effort spent by those who went out of their way to get standings is Diminished
  2. The more Pochven becomes an omnipresent region of Nullsec hovering highsec that is made irrelevant by highsec itself.
  3. The more those who inhabit Pochven feel the actual issues within the region are being sidelined

The worst two:
The NPCs going rogue and attacking players with positive standings unprovoked and then proceeding to kill each other. You can’t rid yourself of the scrams and warp off without a hefty standings hit.

The Flashpoints and World ark sites need the same treatment as the Incursions for the same reasons The incursion sites needed them, that is calculate the payout only for the highest contributing fleet.

Alternatively if CCP wants to encourage a more parasitic style of gameplay allow the fleet inside to leave one or more people outside the site to fight over a node or defend an objective similar to a factional warfare objective while the fleet inside deals with the dread. Failing to hold the objective allows those around the objective to leech the payout.


After reading the responses to and from our CSM I have to say I look forward to everything EVE as to offer. I’ve been playing this game on and off since BETA and tend like most to take long breaks away when things get boring. I do believe that the current story line is going nowhere and a complete change up is needed in-game to get everyone back on there toes.
To CCP I would recommend that you keep the updates coming to pull new players in however you really need to look at the in-game story and shack the foundations a lot more than you have been doing. You must have some good peeps working for you on the content aspect of the game maybe give them a little more free roam to rock the boat.

But as always you have a good game and I hope one day to go back to saying a great game.

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deep breath BWHAHAHAHA

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I haven’t been this excited since you renamed resists modules…


list of things that I feel would make for great additions:

Lore library in game that you could fly to and read/study on the different nations and cultures.

Bring back lore, and hold more in-game lore related mission lines.

Make Lvl 2/3 missions more accessible to starting players so they don’t get burnt out on lvl 1 missions without even knowing to train social skills to get missions.

Give starting players more advice and tutorial tools with videos. There’s no reason that players shouldn’t at least understand how range works for each weapon type, and how tracking works, and have a good grasp on damage types. It would be simplistic to have CSM/Eve players submit tutorial videos for a contest, and give out rewards for chosen content and add it to EVE.

A huge one is STOP SPAM CORPS FROM DESTROYING NEWPLAYER EXPERIENCE. Apparently we have people spam mailing new players every day with crap corp advertisements, claiming they are good and have ppl to help/train when i found (with a new account) that none of that is true and CCP needs to address this right away. Players shouldn’t be hitting spam/scam/■■■■ corp mail until they at least know how to play., because if they don’t get the basics, and have a really bad starting experience, they are not going to come back and they will make sure their friends don’t either.

Unpopular opinion: join a big nullblock with one of your characters and learn how to play → THEN make another character on the same account that does what you’re more interested in.


It’s not as simple as you may think, but it is a good idea.

Perhaps what CCP could do is, build a web site / portal that has an assortment of topics, perhaps something that mirrors the market interface tree, arguably the most important interface in the game. Players could submit links to training content, be it youtube vids, twitch vids, google docs, images etc.

Other players could up/down vote the content. CCP will of course need to moderate, though players can help in that regard, with the ability to flag posted content (links).

That’s not a trickle. That’s standing water. Before the map needs expansion, you need numbers like FRT’s posting, in every region.

I think a far more productive change would’ve been ‘We’re going to do literally anything for all the players who heard ‘you can choose a side’ and didn’t choose the side that’s slaughtering whole star systems’ worth of planetary biospheres just because they could get cool ships’.

I get that they’re trying the path of least effort by giving the EDENCOM guys access to Pochven, but giving both sides the same reward kinda makes the whole idea of choosing a side pointless.


Artificial wars yield artificial results.

True, but everything in EVE is artificial, even space. :wink:

Give people points to find differences on, and let them fight, but reward both sides, not just one. And make the rewards distinct enough for the choice to have meaning.


Who is the Caldari figure?

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To be fair, Edencom gave you DeD LP for running Triglavian sites that you could use to buy delicious, delicious pyrolancea boosters. I was actually hoping for a Triglavian reinvasion for more of that.

Also, I seem to remember getting a hat.

As someone who is still doing the standings grind I definitely see the point here - that said I wish there was also more lore related content in the zone even if it does not directly translate into standings gain.

Those preferring to operate in vibrantly bustling environments are hardly ever too far from having their needs met. However, wider choice of settings would provide for richer experience thus better catering to widely diverse playerbase, especially if achieved via introduction of interesting new mechanics rather than mere map expansion.

Except, you know, in the majority of nullsec. Expanding the map won’t give a ‘wider choice of settings’, either, because just expanding the map will give more of the same. Setting up stable gates in j-space renders Anoikis, too, just more of the same.

Let’s actually use the space we have before we go thinning the player base out even more. Expanding sprawl is never an effective way to retain population—it just leads to diminishing in social ties, which, for an MMO, means it’s easier for people to just not care and stop playing.

Team A: You guys get exclusive access to new space, new content, new materials!
Team B: You get to lose shipping lanes, mission hubs, PI colonies, and everything else that was in those systems! But here! Buy some boosters nobody really cares about! YAY! And, you know, maybe if enough people complain, we’ll grudgingly give you access to the other stuff after a couple of months.


Actually, who are all of them. :thinking:

Gallente - President Celes Aguard
Amarr - Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I
Minmatar - Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor
Caldari - Generic grumpy guy


Could that not be Tibus Heth then?

Heth has white Hair

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