Fountain Core and Brutal Genesis is Recruiting

We are one of the oldest EVE corporations. Some of us play since EVE closed beta and still have characters registered the first day of EVE going live.

We’ve lived through good and bad for all these years. Made a lot of friends and a lot of enemies. The only thing that doesn’t ever change is that we live in Fountain and we are PVP alliance.

FCore gets strong when there are people claiming our lands as their own. They claim they are our masters but pay the highest price for that.

Time goes by and things change. People get older, priorities shift.

This being said, the situation is that we’re still here. However we’re struggling for active people. We lost many good soldiers along the years. It is time to reconsider our background rules and understanding of what Fcore really is.

We are Recruiting. People, corporations, souls.

Any players who are sick of the blob, sick of the sheer numbers in any fight. Of Capitals getting dropped at any engagement. At constant pressure from allies to engage in futile activities.

Here we fight only for the right to live in our home.

Fountain Core is a place where Serpentis provide their lvl 4 missions. As well as one of the most wealthiest places in EVE for moon materials. We can offer a lot for the people who would accept Fountain in their hearts and fight and die for the right to live in the region.

Our primary Time Zone is Early to Late European, but we would not mind to have people playing at any other Time zone.

For further discussions and applications to join please contact quiki1, Golemag, Mahavir

See you on the battlefield!


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