Old player need new home

Hi all,
Returning to game and looking for relaxed environment to play in. Been playing for a while but i know nothing of what game has to offer. Like to PVP ( i suck) but hate doctrines - i wanna fly what i bring, (inspire me otherwise) I’m more than happy to mission and help out where i can, although i have terrible standings with most. i love eve and its mechanics but have not found somewhere that gives me enough content to stop me burning out. I’m a family man so RL comes first, but yet here i am again posting for a game i wanna play.

P.S - 2 x characters on duel accounts, neither know what there doing!
Low sec small friendly corp - bit of everything

Hi buddy welcome back
Im from celestial empire a pvp alliance in fountain
Why not come chat to us at ceca_public
Or hop in to teamspeak celestialempire.xyz

we would be intrested in talking with you . take a look and let me know if you are intrested :slight_smile: https://i-fed.co.uk/

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