Fractional war is not war

Hi all. Today I want tell you my mind about FW. A lot of players cant agree with me, but many will support (I decided this from ingame communication). The fact is FW now - just only business and carebeers. There is not war. A lot of AFK farmers on beacon (in alpha accounts), agentrun, and totally lack of meaning for grab of system. Yes, you can say, that meaning in a TIR of FW and in a quantity of generate LP, but... Is it really meaning of war?!?!? War has become a business, and periodically each of FW fraction WANT TO LOSE (because LP becomes more expensive). I think, it isnt right.
I dont know, how make guaranteed better, and Its a theme for big discussions.
But now I sure of two thing:

  1. LP must be more and more expensive than the longer the fraction control war and systems. Not vice versa. It will be great stimul to make a war, but not many alts in each fraction and constant change of course.
  2. It must be excluded AFK and botoplexing on beacon. This can be achieved by change system capture principle. For example, system controllability should be determined by
  • the presence of fractional structures in this system
  • the number of missions performed in the system
  • the number of killing FW pilots (but exluding kill by neutral pilots)
  • etc.
  1. At this point, I’m sure a little less, but it also needs to be changed. Agent missions. Now it is VERY VERY EASY, ridiculously simple. It makes on elusive jackdaw, for 1-2 minutes each other. Kill webs, kill target BS - done (lvl4 mis.). I think, lvl4 frac mis should influence capture systems and should be harder (down to the need to perform with other pilots). Naturally they must still be open in space for all. And may be friendly NPC should not attack players.
  2. Quite possible, all neutrals (civilian. pirates etc) players in WARZONE must be available to attack for members of the militias. That’s because this is a military zone. The militia should be able to attack all suspicious individuals in their territory and not suffer from centry gun (on gates and stations) and loss of security status.

Now people plexing system in 2-4 window, for 2 enemy fraction at the same time. It`s kill the roleplay and stimul for war. Such activities should not be profitable.

There is enough business in Eve. Give a normal war!

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Neutrals on gates or stations are not suspicious. And you should not get free fire rights like that. That isnt anything to do with war, trade still happens.

Also of course it’s not war. It’s literally a release valve for the empires to avoid going to war.

Your intentions are good but im afraid you dont fully understand the forces that shape factional warfare. Only older players who have witnessed and participated in a few cycles can truly understand the fine intricacies that form a natural balance in factional warfare

Currently the biggest problem is that the balance has been tipped and the cycle has been broken. This issue has to addressed before we make any drastic changes.

Yes, This item requires adjustment. But now pirates have a little advantage right on territory militia.

I have been a long time in CalMil (CMC), and my opinion based on a lot of FW experience.

I agree that nobody shouldn`t radically break a real FW gameplay, but it really need to correct. FW should be a war, not a business, when everything is profitable in turn to lose and login enemy alts, but not to fight. I’m sure of it.

Really? And you would allow free past to trader if he is bringing weapons and ammo to your enemy? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Your character age and killboard prove otherwise. September 2018?

And for the record, historically, there are always profiteers in every war. Unfortunately, war can be good business

So the “war” would be measured by the amount of PvE missions?

That’s lame.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.


Man, every player have more than 1 character. Did you knew that? I login in forum from this character, but he is not my only

on this mission can be great pvp battle.

But now?

Beacon plexing - not pve? Where you must kill 1 NPC ship? Seriously?

More than, I proposed minimum 3 criterias for system`s owner definitions, but you noticed only one.

Wasn’t always like this, played from 2007 to 2013 with only 1 char completely fine then needed alt’s.

The purpose of Factional War…

+100500 topicstarter!
Where is lor, where is roleplay, where is story? Bots, farm, business. That`s all. Sad

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