Fraternity Academy [OmniTZ/NewBro/HS/LS/NS]

I would like to join. IGN: Zeke Zerkonin

I would like to Join IGN: Helen the great


Hello. My corporation would like to join the alliance , what is needed for this ?

Hi. I would like to join your academy. My name is Olane Oskold

IGN: Arkhmar

I’m new to this game. I only really like PVP in other games I play and I was told from many players that my best bet for learning PVP mechanics fast would be to join a Null Sec alliance. This thread was shared with me. I hope you’re new player friendly. I’m willing to put the effort and money into the game if I have some guidance. Please consider me for your community.
IGN: Fade Karson

Applications processed, if someone has been forgotten, please write to me

Hi, it looks like this would be a great place for me to learn this game, can i get an invite please?

ingame name: Gypsy’rose

Sorry i cant find u ingame

i think i sent you a message ingame so you can find me easier

Started playing this game again after first trying it 6 years ago. Looking for a home that would allow me to enjoy low/null sec L5 Rattling and PVP.

IGN: Sharinko Noboto

Hi, I want to join the alliance corporation, is there such an opportunity?

I vana join
In game: Leona Chi

new player looking to join. my name is Tolane

Been playing on and off, looking for something new and people to play with. Ingame name is Charmaine Constantia.

Sorry Bud,

but u didn´t replay to my mail

ive been playing for about a month and would like to join

IGN: Lonelynecro

All applications have been processed, please let us know if you have been skipped.

Hello, I’ve been operating in your region last time and I’d like to join to help and learn something new. I’m interested in both PvP and PvE activities.

IGN: Tan Kadara