Fraternity Academy [OmniTZ/NewBro/HS/LS/NS]

I would like my corporation to ally with Fraternity. My corporation is Mercenary Corporation X1814.

-Aldebrand Ludenhof

I and my corp would like to join your ally…we are a little group of new and old player
[Mutina Officine Riunite]

ign: Bellosguardo93

Would love to join the university : )

IGN: Crusader Hellsing

I’m a newbie and would like to join
ign: xccd

Hit me up in game,
Lauren Pheonix

Done !!

hi been pklaying since last year, looking for corp

IGN : Stunn Cuffs.
Id like to give it a try


I’d like to join. I’m doing some agent missions now.
IGN: Waremette Achasse

I’m doing PVE content mostly. I like agentrun, abyssal deadspace and anomaly ratting.
Actually, i’m in search of a corp without war-decs in high sec with nullsec ratting benefits.
Looking forward to join your community, IGN: Issier Pellion.

I’m looking to join, new to angel faction warfare and looking to do more of that fleet content
IGN: Starkiller32

looking to join learn more about pve and how to earn money
IGN: Adobe Flash Player
( yeah i know :stuck_out_tongue: )

All applications processed

I’d like to join and learn more about null sec. Can you please invite me?

Hi, I would like to join. To learn and get better at the game.

we are still Recruiting

Hi! I would like to join, I currently only play in HS and would like to experience low and null sec.

:+1: ingame

Pilot with 50 mill SP looking for a home. Char name Prime Adtur.

Hi I’m still a bit new but I’m bored to play alone so looking for a corp
IGN: Idbran Ibruin